Coalition Brewing 6-Pack Carrier

Packaging, Branding, Illustration

I have been working with Coalition Brewing here in Portland for over 5 years now. I initially helped them with bottle label design and illustration for their initially three beers. Since then I have created over 14 different beer labels and have seen them grow dramatically. Traditionally Coalition has only released 21oz bottles, and finally they are releasing 6-packs of their most popular beer, Space Fruit.

This was my first experience designing a 6-pack carrier and I found it to be a fun challenge. Like all packaging, the carrier needed showcase the product and brand, while making it easy for the consumer to identify on the shelf. Special consideration to the design had to be considered since the carriers are displayed differently from store to store.

While shopping at the store the other day I came upon an end cap display of the new carriers and bottles. It is so rewarding to see your work out in the wild. The carriers look great and the printing is spot on. If you're in Portland, keep an eye out when you head to the store and pick up a 6-pack of Space Fruit to bring to your next BBQ.

Source: coalition brewing