Outshine Social Posts

Blending Art Direction and Illustration

Check out the full post here: Outshine Snacks Watermelon Fruit Bars

For the past four months I have been contracting as an art director at Swift. During my time there I worked on a few different accounts ranging from Buitoni, Stouffers, Lean Pockets and Starbucks. The work was primarily centered around social media content and advertising, which was a bit of a change of pace from my normal work.

But even so I was able to often blend my illustration background with my art direction. For almost everything that I art directed I also created sketches of what the photography would look like. And in some pieces, like the Outshine posts, I was able to blend the two skills into the finished piece.

The process for creating this piece was to first use my art direction skills to create the concept for the content the client was requesting. Once approved I then used my illustration and design skills to create a detailed sketch of the concept to show to the client. From there I worked with a photographer, producer and food stylist to bring the photography to life. Once the photos were retouched and ready to go, I added the custom illustration elements in post.

The final piece was an endless vertical scroll of fruit, illustration and photography that ran on Facebook and Instagram in carousel format.

Agency: Swift
Client: Outshine
Creative Director: Otis Rubottom
Copywriter: Russ Meyer
Art Director: Bethany Ng
Illustrator: Bethany Ng
Photographer: Brian Lincoln
Food Stylist: Maki Katsumoto
Retoucher: Ryan Micheal