Chalkboard Project Social Posts

Highlighting Civil Rights Activists, Authors, and Champions of Education

I've been working with the Chalkboard Project on a number of projects in the past couple of years. The Chalkboard Project's mission is to improve public education in Oregon for all students. In the past year I have been creating portraits and illustrations for their social media posts. These posts highlight important historical figures, civil rights activists, and students as well.

I typically don't do a lot of portraits, so this has been a wonderful project to work on. Not only is it a change of pace, it's a new challenge that allows me the opportunity to further hone my skills. Along the way I have also been learning about the different people I have drawn portraits for and the great work they have done for our country. Give them a follow on facebook if you want to see the future posts and learn as well. And give your support to the Chalkboard Project, they're doing really great things for the kids in Oregon.