Travel for Inspiration - Rotterdam

Architectural Inspiration

I recently traveled over to Europe to visit my creative friends Brooke and Boaz. They are both currently copywriters at Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam. I find that traveling to somewhere new can expose you to a lot of new things which in turn broaden and influence your creative work. During my trip I went to Amsterdam, Haarlem, Arnhem, Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Dublin. While each had their own charms I was especially impressed with Rotterdam.

Rotterdam was almost completely leveled during WWII, which is why the city looks so drastically different from the rest of Holland, and Europe. Instead of rebuilding in a traditional Netherlands style, they decided to start fresh and filled the city up with modern buildings that even today push the limits of architectural style.

I am an avid appreciator of architecture and love to draw buildings, so this was heaven to me. Everywhere I turned I saw a building painted in my favorite colors and designed so modern and clean. Here is a small selection of photographs I took, I have more in my files that I will certainly use for future reference and inspiration.

I could live in Rotterdam if it weren't for the weather; it's a bit too dark and drizzly for me. The city is not only the home to vibrant architecture it is also rich in culture and very diverse. While not typically a premier location for travelers I would highly recommend stopping through the city if you find yourself in Europe.